What's the weather like?

If the weather isn't too dry, don't get wet--get underground and stop by one of Seoul's underground shopping districts.

Explore Korea's National Museum in Yongsan right outside Icheon station. The museum is free for all, but special exihibitions have an entry fee.
The museum is a great place to learn about Korean history and has some nice gardens to check out too if the rain stops. The National Museum of Korea

Go for a tour of the UNESCO site: Jongmyo, a royal shrine. If you score a tour reservation you can learn more about the philosophy surrounding Korean culture and see into the lives of both ancient people and those living today in Korea. UNESCO: More on Jongmyo

If it's a hot one, why not enjoy the chilly AC at Jamsil tower, more specifically at Seoul Sky. The highest observation deck in Seoul. Take in the sights of the city and enjoy the view. Seoul Sky

A great way to beat the heat is to have fun outdoors. Try heading to Ttukseom resort and do some watersports. Or head to Ttukseom Seoul Forest for a bike ride and healing in nature. Seoul ForestIdeas for Ttukseom Resort

  • Style Nanda Pink Hotels's Rooftop cafe is a great place to take a load off and relax in the summer heat.
  • Another great place is Hotel Seine, a hotel themed multistory cafe with two amazing rooftop levels in trendy Ikseom-dong.

Stave off the cold and warm up from the inside out with some delicious samgyetang. Ilpumdaega Samgyetang is a personal favorite. They have great options for side dishes, and provide special ginseng wine with your order!
Pro-tip: try the hanyak samgyetang! Samgyetang in Guui

Korean culture has so many different facets to it, one often overlooked feature is their traditional bathhouses and saunas known as jjimjilbangs. If you're feeling cold it's a great place to warm up and relax. One jjimjilbang popular with tourists is Siloam Sauna near Seoul Station. They have many amenities and it's a great first stop for experiencing Korean bathhouse culture. Siloam Sauna

Nothing beats being out in the cold like eating warm roasted chestnuts, or savory chicken skewers. Seoul has many street food vendors roaming about here and there, and enjoying a snack on the go can be such a great experience.
But, knowing where to find street food can be tricky.
Here are some great areas where I've found street food in the past.